PROVE Technologies is your preferred provider of body cameras, data management systems, data storage solutions and accessories as well as a full range of services.
We provide custom tailored solutions that are designed with the following key aspects in focus:
Reliability, Portability, Durability and Practicality.
We understand that users of our elite tactical gear rely on our commitment to them in the toughest of situations, and in the harshest of operating environments, where industry standard is not good enough.
We take great care and put lots of attention to all details and elements when planning, designing, and manufacturing each item to ensure that it is fit to be a part of the respected and trusted PROVE family.
We are confident that we will be able to meet the ever evolving needs of the Law Enforcement Industry in an exceedingly satisfactory manner.
PROVE is proudly located in the New York Tri-State area giving us the opportunity to be close and responsive to our clients.