Prove Lucent Body Camera Solution

Prove Technologies is proud to introduce our comprehensive unique and innovative Body Camera Service Program!

We are changing the way Law Enforcement looks at Body Camera solutions, we offer a Service rather than a Product, and we are the ONLY Company to offer this kind of Value, Flexibility and Affordable pricing anywhere!

The Prove Body Camera Service is a comprehensive solution that is simple and cost effective, similar to the average mobile phone service plan.

Service Program details:

  • You pay $49.95 per body camera-per month Period. NO catches, NO fine print, NO installation fees, NO setup fees
  • You get UNLIMITED data storage for the entire term of your contract
  • You OWN your data, there is NO data retrieval cost at all at any point in time during and/or at the end of your contract
  • Prove Technologies owns the equipment, and at the beginning of each consecutive contract term we will refresh your ENTIRE inventory of Body Cameras and other hardware with Brand New equipment at NO COST
  • We provide the hardware and software, support and maintenance, there is no need to have an IT tech on board anymore. All you need is power and network, we bring the rest
  • We provide Data Storage options on premises and on the cloud, we also provide a hybrid version of both
  • Our cloud storage is Safe and Secure and is separately stacked for each account, we DO NOT store data of more than one account on the same server or rack
  • We are connected with major IT integrating, installing and support firms globally, we have boots on the ground across the globe at the minimal amount of wait time
  • We provide a Free full-fledged trial that comes with full rounded installation and testing of both hardware and software prior to signing contract
  • Our sales and support team is proudly located in the US and are easily accessible at all times, we do free WebEx presentations on demand
  • We provide all installation and training necessary to get your department up and running at no additional cost
  • We provide full maintenance and repair as well as free replacement loaners and software upgrades throughout your contract term at no additional cost
  • All metrics of our Body Camera Service both hardware and software are scalable
  • The minimum contract term is 24 months
  • Each contract has a minimum of 25 body cameras

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